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Cabinet Info

  • Solid wood door frames are mortise and tenon
  • 6-way adjustable concealed hinge with built-in soft close 110 degrees opening capability.
  • 5/8" solid birch dovetail drawer with a 3/8" plywood bottom with full extension under mount soft sides
  • 3/4"x1.5" solid wood face frame.
  • 1/2" select birth veneered plywood back with a natural finish interior.
  • 1/2" select birch veneered plywood back with a natural finished interior.
  • 3/4" select birch veneered plywood adjustable shelving.
  • Base cabinet has 18" deep shelves.

The Craft of Excellence

The manufacturing journey

1. Flawless finishes begin with the meticulous sanding of premium wood.

2. An equalizer stain unifies the wood's foundational hue.

3. Chromatic uniformity is achieved via toner application

4. The natural grain's hidden beauty is unveiled through deep-penetrating stain.

5. Hand-rubbing and air-drying optimize each stained surface.

6. A comprehensive sealer application shields all exposed wood.

7. Hand-sanding ensures unparalleled surface smoothness and uniformity.

8. Where applicable, a hand-applied glaze enriches the finish.

9. Rigorous color assessment is conducted, with precision touch-ups as needed.

10. A final protective top coat fortifies against daily wear and household chemicals.

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